About UFPR


During the almost 100 years from its founding in 1912 UFPR has been committed to promote the self sustained development of society through the generation of knowledge, forming qualified human resources and in commitment with the development of citizenship. UFPR has been engaged as a public university with academic excellence. As a social institution the university offers community services reaffirming its ideals through its capacity of cultural, intellectual, scientific and technological fields.


UFPR has four campi in the city of Curitiba, other four campi in seven other cities of the State of Parana, including hospitals, experimental farms, two veterinarian hospital facilities, four museums, five specialized institutes, besides multiple experimental laboratories and centers of scientific and cultural diffusion. It comprises almost all areas of the human activity


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List of Undergraduate Degrees:


Agronomic Sciences


-Forest Engineering

-Veterinary Medicine (Curitiba Campus)

-Veterinary Medicine (Palotina Campus)

-Timber Industry Engineering

-Animal Husbandry

Applied Social Sciences




-Information Science and Management

-International Business Administration



-Fine Arts

Architecture, Engineering and Technology

-Architecture and Urbanism

-Bioprocess and Biotechnology Engineering

-Chemical Engineering

-Civil Engineering

-Computer Technology

-Environmental Engineering

-Electrical Engineering

-Electrical Technology


-Mechanical Engineering



Biological Sciences

-Biological Sciences

-Physical Education

Earth Sciences

-Cartographic and Surveying Engineering



-Ocean Sciences (Pontal do Paraná Campus)




-Pedagogy (e-Learning)


Exact Sciences


-Computer Science



-Industrial Mathematics



Health Sciences





-Occupational Therapy


Human Sciences

-Social Sciences



-Political Sciences

- History

- Philosophy

- Psychology

 - Literature and Linguistics

Portuguese      German       English        Polish

French              Italian         Spanish      Japanese

Greek                Latin


-Social Communication


-Public Relations

-Publicity and Advertising


 Sound Production        Musical Education


-Scenic Production




List of Graduate, Master (M) and Doctorate (D) Degrees

Agronomic Sciences

-Agronomy - Vegetable Production (M/D)

-Agronomy - Soil Sciences (M)

-Veterinary Sciences (M/D)

-Forest Engineering (M/D)


Applied Social Sciences

-Accountancy (M)

-Economic Development (M/D)

-Information Science and Management (M)

-Management (M/D)


Biological Sciences

-Biochemistry (M/D)

-Botany (M)

Cellular and Molecular Biology (M)

Ecology and Conservation (M/D)

Entomology (M/D)

Genetics (M/D)

Microbiology, Parasitology and General

Pathology (M/D)

Physical Education (M/D)

Physiology (M)

Pharmacology (M/D)

Zoology (M/D)


Exact Sciences

--Applied Mathematics (M/D)

-Chemistry (M/D)

-Computer Science (M/D)

-Physics (M/D)

-Science and Mathematics Education (M)


Earth Sciences

-Coast and Ocean Systems (M)

-Geodetic Sciences (M/D)

-Geography (M/D)

-Geology (M/D)



-Education (M/D)


Engineering and  and  Technology

-Bioprocess and Biotechnology Engineering (M/D)

-Civil Construction (M)

-Chemical Engineering (M)

-Electrical Engineering (M)

-Engineering and Material Sciences (M/D)

-Food Technology (M/D)

-Hydro-Resources and Environmental

- Engineering (M/D)

-Mechanical Engineering (M/D)

-Numerical Methods in Engineering (M/D)

-Production Engineering (M)

-Urban and Industrial Environment (M)


Health Sciences

-Child and Adolescent Health (M/D)

-General Surgery (M/D)

-Internal Medicine (M/D)

-Nursing (M/D)

-Dentistry (M)

-Pharmaceutical Sciences (M/D)


Human Sciences, Literature and  Arts

-Design (M)

-Literacy and Language Teaching (M/D)

-Music (M)

Philosophy (M)

-Political Sciences (M)

-Psychology (M)

-Social Anthropology (M)

-Sociology (M/D)



-Environment and Development (M/D)


-Law (M/D)


-Bioinformatics (M)